* course, internship and quizzes and all at the same time

Posted on April 24th, 2017 by Alex. Filed under Funny Emails.

Subject: Regarding Deep Learning Course
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2016

Dear Sir,

I am willing to take Deep Learning course in my next semester.
But as I have to go for 6 months internship at Qualcomm(Bangalore) from January, I have a small request regarding the course.
I can come twice to the institute to give mid-sem and end-sem exams, but cannot come for the quizzes.
Is it possible that to fulfill the requirement of the quizzes, I write some paper summaries instead?

Thanks and Regards,

Well, we should all be happy, that someone is willing to take the course. The instructor should feel honored. However it seems that the course stands in the student’s way of an internship. But since the instructor is blessed with the student already, I am sure, the course will be adapted to accommodate extra wishes to avoid any inconveniences.

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