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Posted on May 16th, 2017 by Alex. Filed under Funny Emails.

Subject: How to start working on NoC
Date: Friday 13 January 2017 04:15 PM

Dear Prof. Alexander,

Greetings! I am new in NoC field and I have a few knowledge on FPGA..
So please guide me to start working on NoC. Please suggest me how can
i start my lab.

████████ ███████████ (in capitals)

Greetings! Well apart from my advice not to start working in the field of NoC, this email is particularly curious. Recently I am able to observe more often that students as well as researchers start working in a field because it is “fun”. However the problem with doing so is a missing motivation. Let’s say, the person figures out something that is interesting and wants to publish the results. In the paper it is necessary to mention the motivation as to why somebody is doing the work that he/she is doing. Writing in the paper “It is fun and that’s why I do it.” is quite insufficient.

During poster presentation as well as interviews many times the presenters and candidates are caught off track, just by asking the question: Why are you doing this?

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