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Posted on August 14th, 2017 by Alex. Filed under Funny Emails.

The students of IIIT-D organize a cultural festival called Odyssey almost every year. One of them is an event called Grammar Nazi. Despite the disputable name, someone contacted me on Instagram with the intention to invite me to this event.

There are some parts in that conversation which are in German. Here are the translations:

  • nicht meine Absicht: didn’t do it on purpose
  • ich habe dich nur über dich informiert: i have just informed you about yourself (informal speech)
  • wollte mit einem Deutschen in Indien reden: Wanted to talk to a German in India
  • Das war alles eine Werbesache: This was all just a commercial
  • Meine Aufgabe war es, Ihnen von unserem Universitätsereignis zu erzählen: It was just my task to tell you about our event at the university
  • Sei da: be there
  • Tschüss: See ya

Not really a convincing nor inviting commercial. Naturally I did not even consider to go.

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