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* foreign registration residental office (frro) has been shifted

Posted on January 19th, 2011 by Alex. Filed under FRO.

Front of the Foreign Residential Registration Office in BangaloreThe FRRO/FRO of Bangalore has been shifted to Double Road, No. 55 in Indira Nagar (see map below). Now it is situated in proximity to E.S.I. Hospital. It is a nice office and not that overcrowded like the place on Infantry Road. To ensure fairness an electronic token system has been introduced. It is advisable not to loose the token as this is your number for the entire day and the clerks ask multiple times for it.

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* frro documents required for residential permit extension

Posted on January 12th, 2010 by Alex. Filed under FRO.

The following documents are required to apply for a residential permit extension. Maybe this post will save you some hours in the waiting queue.

  1. Application form (that can be obtained at the office itself)
  2. Copy of the Residential Permit (RP) and Registration Certificate (RC) (Have three to five copies just to be save. Actually only one is necessary), but you never know.
  3. Passport page copy
  4. Visa page copy
  5. Police report (Try to get that in advance from the local police station, even if you need to bribe them. The reason for that is simple: At the FRO they will tell you to get it and you have to return to your place to pick it up. The clerks in the FRO will give you a letter telling the officer at the local police station what to do. However if you can convince them, that this letter will come later in the afternoon, you can save one whole day [including the time in the queue]. Otherwise you have to go to the FRO a second time.
    (A police report is not needed anymore although it is still mentioned in the checklist of the form.)
  6. Bonafide Certificate (saying that you do whatever you do, e.g. studying). It is a big advantage to have mentioned till what date you study/work to avoid trouble.
  7. Address proof
  8. Bank account statement. Front page which mentions the name and also the page with the last balance with current date.
  9. In case of a change of the visa type, the non-objection letter from the embassy of your home country.

To get the police report, you need the same documents as mentioned above. However in addition you will need:

  1. A letter from two friends stating for how long do they know you.
  2. A letter with your permanent address in your home country and your current residential address signed by yourself.
  3. Expect the police to come by to verify your address.


* new timings for frro bangalore

Posted on January 12th, 2010 by Alex. Filed under FRO.

Every year the same procedure: The extension of my registration and residential permit. Since Monday (11th January 2010) there are some changes which prolong any procedure at the foreign registration office (FRO) in Bangalore significantly. Now they got computers there, but the chaos the change causes, is matchless.
I reached there at 10:30AM and was able to leave the office at 3:02PM (on the same day). So what did I do in the 4.5h in between? Well, first of all, you have to wait in a queue. It’s length is around 30m, but it varies throughout the day. It is getting longer and longer. The estimated moving speed is around 10m per hour. So you can do the math, you will stand there for several hours. If there is one document missing, you have to return the next day and again wait in the queue.
They close the office for applications at 1:00PM. So sometimes you are not even able to reach the office since you wait so long in the queue in front of it. Again here: Better luck next time.
Since the waiting time is so long, it is good to follow some tricks:

  1. Have a bottle of water with you, but do not drink to much. Toilets are not there (as far as I could figure out).
  2. Have some snacks to eat.
  3. Take some blank pages with you where you can note down some things. Sometimes only one letter is missing, so you can write it there without waiting in the queue again.
  4. Take some music, games, newspaper or whatever with you to kill the time.
  5. Do not waste energy in discussing any issue with the officials. Even their nerves are on the edge and it just makes it worse. They will not move from their point of view.
  6. If there is any problem, e.g. an information is missing in a letter or so and they tell you to come back tomorrow, try out somebody else first. E.g. in my bonafide certificate a date was missing and the first clerk saw that at the help desk. So he rejected my request which would have meant to come back tomorrow. Another guy at the help desk accepted the application without a problem.
  7. Have some friends who can wait with you. You can rotate in sitting and standing without loosing the position in the queue. 3h of continuous standing could be quite painful. Not to mention: reallllyyyyy booooring.

Despite the fact that the office is open till 5:30PM (or even 6PM) only till 4:00PM tokens will be issued. So no need to come in the afternoon. For each application or request, a form is needed. That can be picked up at the inquiry desk. If you do not have that form and you manage to proceed till the help desk inside, you have to come back tomorrow. Fortunately I found a blank form inside the office and literally flicked it from under their noses.


* foreign registration office is online

Posted on November 19th, 2008 by Alex. Filed under FRO.

After my earlier experience with the Foreign Registration Office (FRO/FRRO) in Bangalore, I again visited it recently to help some friends with the registration and to gather information on how to extend my Residential Permit. I also figured out that a new web page has been launched with traffic information and also with a section, from which the necessary registration forms can be downloaded. Most probably the part of “How to register?” is the most interesting and the one you are probably searching for.


* foreign registration residental office (frro)

Posted on January 17th, 2008 by Alex. Filed under FRO.

Every foreigner who wishes to stay more than 180 days continuously in India, needs to get registered at the Foreign Registration Residential Office (FRRO) or also just called Foreign Registration Office (FRO). There are dedicated FROs in a few major cities. As far as I know and accordingly to IGCS in Germany ( there are four FROs altogether:

  • Hans Bhawan, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, ITO, New Delhi (phone: +91 11 2671 1384)
  • Tata Press Building, 2ND Floor, 414 S.V Marg, Mumbai (phone: +91 22 2262 1169)
  • 237, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata (phone: +91 33 2247 0549)
  • Shastri Bhawan Annexe, 26, Haddows Road, Chennai (phone: +91 44 2827 7036)

Fortunately in most cities the superintendents of the police act as a FRROs. However most of the information given on the web page does not apply for most of the people. The Indian bureaucracy itself does not know, what documents are needed and it might vary each day. Also plan to spend three days at the office till everything is processed. Yesterday I was there, today I am just coming back from the office, and I have to go there again by tomorrow. In the hope, that this information might cut down your stay by at least one day, let me tell you, what documentation is really needed. First a little bit about my background: I have a student visa with a validity of 5 years and I am currently an exchange student at the Indian Institute of Science. I applied for a research visa so that I can follow the PhD program of the same institute. So far I am preparing my stay and getting in touch with the new surroundings. Since it might take more than 180 days till the application of the research visa is processed and a registration has to be completed within 14 days after arrival (This might be true for most nationals except Pakistanis and some more), I need to get registered. If you go to the FRO be prepared to see many frustrated faces and to hear plenty of discussions. I recite the man behind the helper’s counter of FRO: “This office is run by the Indian government and not according to your rules.” I just replied something like: what a poor government then. So discussions do not make any sense. The people behind the desk are well seated in their chairs and almost nothing can change that.
Here is what is needed to get registered:

  1. Registration Certificate (You get it from them, make four copies. Most of the times a Xerox is just opposite of the office – what a coincidence.)
  2. A letter to the superintendent, which is a form that you also get from them.
  3. Your passport and visa (2 copies from each of them)
  4. Student ID
  5. 6 recent Photos (even if it says on the form which lists the necessary things that you need 5 five or less photos), each photo must be the same
  6. 2 copies of a bonafide certificate that states where you live (on campus and that you joined your department successfully). This certificate has to be in a specific format with the letter head of the institute you joined. An example is below:

    This is to certify that Mr./Mrs. your name, born on date, a national of your country, holding passport no. number, valid up to date and visa type type, valid up to date, is a bonafide student of this institution. He/She studies in the number semester of the number year of PhD/MSc/ME/etc course of number years duration.

    It is also advisable to have a copy of the letter with the recognition of the university central/state board/AICTE. However in my case, I did not need to have it.

  7. Mark sheets
  8. Maybe they will ask for the admission letter.

Take also scissors, a pen and a glue stick with you, since the photos need to be glued to the registration certificate and its copies. And do not forget a good book or your MP3 player, since it takes some hours till everything is processed. Also be prepared that each time when you want to turn in all documents, something different is wrong and you need to fill out something more or need to change some things (which were fine, when you tried to turn in them previously). So it can be very frustrating. A single summary, what is wrong at once, is not possible.
The FRO of Bangalore is located in Infantry Road near Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road (see map below), ZIP Code: 560051 (The office has been shifted). Office hours are noted down in another post.


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