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Posted on November 15th, 2006 by Alex. Filed under USA.

The Ferris State University is located in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA. With around 12,000 students more people were studying there than people were living in Big Rapids itself (10,000 to 11,000 citizens). Big Rapids is a very small town and it can be easily explored by foot. It is around one hour by car in the north of Grand Rapids in the center of Michigan. Nearby the university all kind of grocery stores like Walmart and a lot of fast food restaurants are located providing anything you might need. Especially the fishes in Walmart were a fast seller, because it was the only animal, which was allowed to be kept in the halls. So students tried to figure out, how long a goldfish can survive, if there are also some piranhas swimming in the same fish tank (and it was longer than expected).

On the campus were many halls, where the students shared 2 or 4 bed appartments. For married couples were special appartments or even houses available. So it was not very far to go to class or to join any party going on in the other halls. Also on campus were different dining halls each with a special kind of food. Typical American food was served in “The Rock”, where I paid once and then was allowed to eat as much as I could.
The biggest building (well, it seemed like this) was the library called FLITE (Ferris Library for Information, Technology, and Education). Fully airconditioned it contained just a few books (compared to the available space within the library). All needed books had been digitalized and were available through one of the terminals.

In the free time the students could do a lot of sports and activities. There were even courses in climbing and swimming, which was done at the climbing wall or in swimming pool located in the recreation center on campus. But also basketball, tennis, squash, and ice skating were available for free or for a small fee in one of the university’s owned buildings.


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